PCD Pharma companies V/S Pharma companies

PCD Pharma  companies  V/s  Pharma companies

To know the difference between importance of PCD  Pharma companies and Pharma companies, we need to know what exactly they are.

PCD Pharma Companies :

PCD Pharma Companies in India which are totally into marketing, works on marketing area of Pharma products only. They are a overall package to Pharma distributors who wants to expand his business without limits. Such companies choose the best manufacturers of Pharma products and get their own brands manufactured. Their focus is to provide every support to Pharma distributors who wants to work on their brands. This support includes high quality products at competitive rates, great packaging, safe and timely dispatch, promotional aids including LBLs, Catch covers, gift articles, Reminder cards, MR bags, Visual Aids, Presciption pads etc. Pharma distributors need not to worry about products and help from marketing company, they just need to work in their area by hiring MRs to contact to doctors.

PCD Pharma company in India

High quality Products :

PCD Pharma companies in India invest not only in good quality products, but variety of products also matters a lot. Pharma distributors need all segments of products while Pharma companies manufacturing single or maximum two segments, so cannot fulfil their requirement.

Availability of products on all times:

PCD Pharma companies take care of availability of products and invest a big amount in stock management. New  product demands of market is also well taken care of.

Packaging :

These companies also work on excellent packaging which attracts the customer and doctor as well.

Safe delivery of goods:

Safe delivery of Pharma products is also very important and it is done by choosing good delivery partners.

Promotional Support:

PCD Pharma companies give the support to its distributors. They get MR bags, LBLs, Visual Aid, gifts for doctors, Reminder cum Thank You Card etc. to promote the business.

Pharma Companies :

Pharma companies are especially manufacturers of Pharma products. They focus on manufacturing only. To provide the best quality products is the area they work for. Marketing and Manufacturing are two different fields. It can be done , but for perfection not all Pharma companies ( except the Pharma Giants through Ethical marketing) go for marketing. These companies manufacture for marketing companies as they are their customers. Pharma franchise companies order full batches or more than that to Pharma companies, so Pharma companies work on volumes. Pharma companies concentrate on one or two dosage forms. Some make tablets and capsules, some make syrups, some make ointments and so on. Not a single Pharma company can make all dosage forms. Unlike marketing companies, they need not to bother so many areas. They manufacture good quality products, so these companies have a special place for quality control team.

So, if we analyse, we find that work area of PCD Pharma franchise companies in India and Pharma companies is totally different.